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The lodgings at River Valley Ranch capture a rustic feel while providing the modern amenities you need to make your group's time here restful & comfortable. All lodging is bunk style with shared restroom arrangements (a limited number of semi-private rooms are available as well). Linens are not provided, and all buildings are heated & air-conditioned. We can accommodate groups of 25-200.

Click here for a printable map of the Retreat Grounds


The Mill
An authentic refurbished two-story 19th century mill, equipped with modern bathrooms. Downstairs features a larger open room. Upstairs has six dorm rooms.

:: Mill Floor Plan ::

The Livery
A ranch style bunkhouse with two large separated rooms, each equipped with bunk beds and bathrooms/showers.

:: Livery Floor Plan ::

Muddy Creek Lodge
Features dorm-style rooms and modern bathrooms/showers on each floor, as well as a porch for each level and a large meeting room with a stone fireplace.

:: Muddy Creek Floor Plan ::

Line Camp
An authentic looking log cabin with bunk beds and a large bathroom. Open area with couches in the center of the room.

:: Line Camp Floor Plan ::


Buffalo Lodge
Rain or shine, the Buffalo Lodge features a full size gym and a large game room furnished with couches, chairs, a sound system, & video projection. Can also be used as a meeting space.

Dining Tent
Our Dining Tent allows spacious family-style seating for groups of all sizes.

Ole Town Meeting House (OTM)
The OTM is our largest meeting space. Equipped with large screens, heavy duty sound & lighting systems, and a full size stage, it is sure to meet your needs.

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